Sunday, March 12, 2006

Amendment to appellate rules

In case you missed it, effective April 1, 2006, rule 24 will include more detailed procedures for filing an overlength brief. Here's the new procedures:

(h) Permission for over length brief. While such motions are disfavored, the court for good cause shown may upon motion permit a party to file a brief that exceeds the limitations of this rule. The motion shall state with specificity the issues to be briefed, the number of additional pages requested, and the good cause for granting the motion. A motion filed at least seven days before the date the brief is due or seeking five or fewer additional pages need not be accompanied by a copy of the brief. A motion filed less than seven days before the date the brief is due and seeking more than 5 additional pages shall be accompanied by a copy of the draft brief for in camera inspection. If the motion is granted, any responding party is entitled to an equal number of additional pages without further order of the court. Whether the motion is granted or denied, the draft brief will be destroyed by the court.


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