Thursday, February 09, 2006

Unpublished court of appeals decisions

Along with the published decisions summarized below, the court issued the following unpublished decisions:

Burton Lumber v. Graham, 2006 UT App 41 (Appellate Jurisdiction/Finality of Judgments)

State v. Clegg, 2006 UT App 44 (sufficiency of evidence to support theft by deception conviction)

Provo City v. Gedo, 2006 UT App 43 (inadequately brief criminal appeal)

State Tax Comm'n v. Goff, 2006 UT App 37 (pro se tax protesters pick a fight with the Tax commission and lose)

J.W. v. State (In re D.W.), 2006 UT App 42 (parental rights termination)

C.M. v. State (In re S.M. and D.M.), 2006 UT App 38 (more parental rights termination)

Llewellyn v. Skiles, 2006 UT App 39 (appellate jurisdiction)

Topham v. Kennard, 2006 UT App (65B relief)


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