Friday, January 20, 2006

Blogging has been nonexistent the last few days. Mainly because the courts didn't issue any published decisions week. The court of appeals is releasing some unpublished decisions today, but unpublished decisions usually aren't worth blogging. If the court's not going to publish them, why should I?

Actually, I do try to skim over them. If I ever find anything interesting I'll blog it.

I have also been rather busy this week keeping up with the first few days of the legislative session. I have to say, whatever criticisms one might have of our legislature, it does a great job of making information available over the internet. From you can look at every numbered bill, view its status, and search for bills by sponsor and topic. You can also check committee schedules, view committee agendas and minutes, and listen to committee and floor debates. You can literally follow everything that's going on without leaving your house. Or at least everything that is a matter of public record.


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